As you will already be aware, the Government has moved the Island to the early stages of Level 1. Please use the link below to view a presentation on the Revised Sailing Plan for the Club which contains updated information and the necessary precautions that need to be taken to be compliant with Government guidelines:

SCSC Revised Sailing Plan UPDATED   15:00hrs 08/08/2020

Please also take the time to read the full Revised Sailing Plan:

Not Available at this time

Please contact any member of this team if you would like to discuss this plan or any of the measures that have been put in place:

David Jones – 07797 729647

Justin Horton – 07797 728587

Dan Washington – 07797 818681

Mike Surcouf –

If a sailor becomes ill during a sailing session, please follow the procedures set out on this form:

SCSC Sailor Illness Procedure