Future Ideas

Established in 1953 St Catherine’s has been at the heart of Jersey’s proud sailing heritage for more than 60 years, encouraging new generations into grass roots dinghy sailing.

At St Catherine’s SC we are immensely proud of this heritage and all the time we work hard to keep on improving. The club is sociable and family orientated, its a great atmosphere and we are run on an entirely voluntary basis. Club members all lend a willing hand wherever they can, to ensure the smooth running of events and our training programme. Our aim is to support and encourage everyone in Jersey to get involved and enjoy this fantastic sport.

There are certainly no plans to change our family orientated, entirely voluntary ethos. However, we believe we can make the club even more effective than it already is at encouraging and supporting dinghy sailing in Jersey by upgrading our facilities. It was with this in mind that during 2015 around 40 club members met for a future ideas brainstorm evening.

This document sets out our Future Ideas Summary that we came up with, have a read and we hope it inspires you

We hope we can raise enough money to transform the club in this way. This won’t be easy but the rewards are high and will be of benefit to generations of sailors to come, ensuring the sustainability of Jersey’s proud sailing heritage.  Please contact the commodore Ben Rogers if you are interested in finding out more about our future ideas and perhaps in sponsorship opportunities.

Following on from the evening a small working group was set-up, led by club members and architects Jeremy Barnes and Alison Horton.

The group has now produced this Design brief to help us move towards the realisation of club members future ideas, as discussed at the evening in 2015.

Comment and feedback from as many people as possible is very much welcomed.

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