Notice is hereby given for the 2020 St Catherine’s Sailing Club Annual General Meeting to be held on Sunday 29th November at 15:00 hrs.

Due to the current COVID-19 guidelines, this year’s AGM will take place in the Westward Room at St Helier Yacht Club with numbers being limited to 15 attendees. Members will be parcours obstacle gonflable able to sign up for available spaces using Webcollect.  The meeting will also be accessible online via Zoom. 

Any items for the Agenda should be sent via email to the Club, 8 days in advance of the event. 

Winter Training 2020-21

Winter Training is due to start on Saturday 7th November. Due to the increase in the spread of the structure gonflable coronavirus on Island, particularly with evidence of positive cases at several Island schools and sports clubs, the Committee have decided that it will be in best interests of everyone to return to some of the previous guidance measures adopted earlier this year. Please read the information the following linked document:

Requirements & Guidance for Winter Training Sessions 2020-21