Barts Bash

A reminder that Bart’s Bash 2 is 11:00 a.m. Sunday 20th September. Perhaps you were involved last year when 47 boats signed up at St catherines and were part of the worlds largest ever sailing race? There were 30,734 sailors worldwide and 100’s of clubs. It was a tremendous atmosphere.
We are planning for another great day with an emphasis on fun and participation, we want as many people out on the water and involved in this inspirational event as possible. Its a race too, but to be honest that’s secondary on this special day in the sailing calandar. So even if you don’t sail that regularly or are a relative novice try to make an effort for this one, as that’s what the day is all about.

You can sign-up at           which is our very own Bart’s Bash page and includes photos from last year. I also recommend taking a look at which has an inspiring video.

So sign-up now and lets put SCSC well and truly on the world sailing map again. There will be lunch after sailing (with a modest charge) so we can celebrate our achievements of the morning. An opportunity also to raise funds for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Trust which is focused on encouraging young people to get involved in the wonderful sport of sailing.

Look forward to seeing you on the big day