2012 Sailing Calendar

The 2012 Sailing Calendar/Fixture list can be downloaded from the sailing pages.  We will also post one out to you at the end of next month, as is the tradition.  Dutyman has not yet been updated, but will be in the next few weeks, you will be notified by email when it is open for you to confirm your duties or do swaps.

Winter Dinghy Series ~ update

This weekends racing is postponed due to strong wind warnings and will be re-run on 14 January -Amendment Nr 3

Winter Dinghy Series races 1, 2 and 3 reschedule to 17 Dec- Amendment Nr 2

This weekends racing was postponed due to strong wind warnings and will be re-run on 3rd December. Amendment Nr 1

The clocks have sadly gone back, racing at St. Caths has come to an end, but good old Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club (RCIYC) have set up a short dinghy series starting this Saturday with 3 races back to back, and concluding on 19 November, all St. Cath’s members are invited to race.  It is great fun to sail is St. Aubins bay at this time of year, the water is still warm, with a good breeze.  Lets face it what else is there to do at this time of year, apart from the Christmas shopping!  If you have any questions about taking part please email Paul Ellison.  You can down load the NoR and SI’s below:

November Dinghy series 2011 NoR


SCSC 2011 Autumn e-newsletter

An edited version of the 2011 Autumn newsletter with some extra photos (there was only room for one on the paper copy; disappointing.  So this is like getting the director’s cut with extra scenes and the out-takes; without the out-takes!) can be down loaded from the membership page now.

Competitive Multiclass Dinghy Racing