Travel Subsidy

SCSC members travelling to off-island training and competitions can benefit from an ESC travel subsidy, (although travel to Guernsey is excluded).  The amounts granted for 2016 are still unknown although we understand the amounts are likely to be reduced by 20% from past years and the numbers of chaperones will be limited.

As a reminder the ESC payment is a subsidy for travel costs from Jersey to the event, so I’ll need details of the travel.  This ESC claim form must be completed as soon as possible after each event by the adult in charge, and submitted to Angela Raimbault.

No form = no subsidy 

When funds are limited, priority will be given to groups travelling together as a SCSC team and sharing resources (cars, trailers, etc), as the subsidy is given to the Club.  The Sports Council are also limiting the subsidies available for adults in order to prioritise the under 18’s.

It would be helpful if you would advise Angela Raimbault e-mail   when making your arrangements and booking your travel, so she can be prepared and possibly chase any missing claim forms.

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